Mattie and Weitze Texture



 Mattie and Weitze was a freelance texturing job. I was responsible for the face texture and hair carding. The screenshots are taken in real time using Unity 3d.




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Terra Monsters 3



Terra Monsters was a Mobile game made in Unity for mobile devices. My task was to convert the 2d character illustrations into 3d textured meshes.











GS-7 is a video made during my final year at SAIC in Chicago. GS-7 was made by a team of three during two class periods over the course of 12 weeks.
Every team member had a major role but everyone contributed to modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering and composting work.






EmSense Virtual Soup Isle



I was contracted by EmSense to work with a team of three to help create a virtual soup aisle in Unity.
The soup aisle was used to research active areas of the brain when browsing soup branding and packaging.
My primary role was texturing the soup models with the help of photos taken of the items along with scanned products.









HBO Event Promotional Videos



HBO Canada had a series of promotional events upon its release.
I was hired to make simple and elegant videos to play in the background of the event in between videos of its new television series.
Below are a few clips from the videos that include modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering, and composting.




All images are © 2013 Jasper Rubino.